• What is Hole in One?
    A pass of golf that allows its owner more a companion benefit from an advantage of two green-fees for the price of one in 15 tours of golf of the pass. The owner of the pass can not benefit benefit individually.
  • How much does the Hole in one Pass cost and what does it do?
    The Hole in One golf pass costs 95 euros and is valid for a golf season (January to December).
  • After how many uses will the hole in one golf pass be amortized?
    After first or second use (according to the visited golf course), the Hole in One golf pass will be amortized.
  • Is the use of the Hole in One Golf pass limited?
    The golf pass authorizes a single copy per person per calendar year.
  • Is my adherence to the pass renewed automatically?
    No, this is not a commitment. You can ask for a new edition of the Hole in One golf pass the following year.
  • Why do I need to communicate my data and my email address?
    That data is required so that we can send you the golf pass. Your e-mail address is essential to receive the newsletter.
  • If I change my email address, must I communicate my new address?
    Yes, it is important that we have a valid email address so that we can be sure you recieve our newsletter.
  • What are the conditions of use of the Hole in One golf pass?
    You can use it in all the partners of the golf hole in one during the week and on weekends, depending on the openness of the golfs, within the limits of the availability of the fields and outside competitions.
  • Am I required to use all my coupons?
    No, you do not have any obligation to use the coupons provided by the Hole in One golf pass.
  • If a golf club does not accept the advantage indicated in (2×1), what should i do?
    In that case the club will be in breach of its commitment. You must send an email to the following address: info@holeinonepass.com
  • Can I send you my opinion on the pass or on partners?
    Yes! With the objective of improving the quality of our business, their collaboration is important. Don’t hesitate to give us your comments via the contact form
  • I would like to give a golf hole in one pass to another person can i do that?
    You are able to do so. You will receive the golf pass and you’ll deliver it to the person that you want to.
  • How long will it take for me to receive the Hole in One golf pass?
    You will receive your Hole in One golf pass in one to seven working days
  • What is the manner and conditions of payment?
    We offer Paypal as payment system. Payment by Paypal consists of some supplementary costs.
  • If i live outside Spain, can i still order a Hole in One golf pass?
    Yes of course.

If you still have questions feel free to email us at: info@holeinonepass.com