1. Hole in One is a golf pass that allows its owners to benefit, for a year, two green fees for the price of one at 15 golf courses in Catalonia. The association Hole in One is responsible for its design and layout.

2. Simply to present the corresponding receipt of golf partner (on phone reservation or email the golf club) coupon, the owner of Hole in One golf pass and passenger benefit from a second green fee (input) present.

3. Promotion (2×1) obtained through the pass Hole in One can not be combined with other offers or promotions. The advantage (2×1) is always calculated on the full price, adults or children.

4. The Hole in One golf pass will cost 95 euros (outside of any special offers). It is sold directly from the website www.holeinonepass.com. In addition, you can buy one in our stores.

5. The golf hole in one pass is only valid during a golf season (January to December) and can only be used by the one who purchased the pass. It can be used as soon as you receive it.

6. Adherence to the golf pass of Hole in One is not renewed implicitly.

7. Golf pass Hole in One allows owners to benefit, along with its companion, the advantages described in point 1: according to places available and out of any competitions.

8. The owner of the golf pass Hole in One has no obligation to use all their coupons.

9. For security reasons, the coupon must be presented along with the Hole in One golf pass to the receptionist.

10. The hole in one golf pass, clearly indicates the advantages offered and its validity. Its owner should undertake not to abuse the trust of partner clubs, to be kind, and to have fair play.

11. The Association of Hole in One is not responsible for unforeseen setbacks such as: closure of one of the partner clubs, adverse weather conditions, changes to rates and schedules, quality of the services of partners, performance or lack of performance. The Association of Hole in One is not responsible for the acts of its partners, in particular for execution (2×1) of the provision, and does not grant any compensation or monetary return.

12. It is a partner’s right to reject the provision (2×1) if the customer does not have the corresponding coupon or if the owner presents a suspicious or aggressive behavior.

13. Complaints must be formulated in writing as soon as possible. A claim does not give right to refuse payment of the Hole in One golf pass.

14. The methods of payments are those proposed by the partnership’s web site. The association is allowed to require an advance payment.

15. In case of absence of payment, the association will be able to warn the partners so that they do not accept the golf pass, communicating to them the name and surnames of the owner. The entire total related to the payment of the adherence to the golf pass Hole in One will remain on holder’s account. The cross-reference expenses will be invoiced to the account.

16. In the event of lost of the Hole in One golf pass, you may not ask for a duplicate.

17. The association will ensure the protection of data of owners of the hole in one golf pass. Such information will not be transmitted to third parties, unless a law impose it.

18. The Hole in One association is not responsible for accidents arising from the practices of the activities, the deterioration or loss of personal effects or any other damage or loss.

19. L’association Hole in One n’endosse aucune responsabilité en cas de force majeure, de grève, de problèmes techniques imputables à d’autres entreprises ou d’actions illicites tiers.

20. If, in the contractual period, the association Hole in One finishes the diffusion of the pass, it will remain free of its subscription obligations and it will not be forced to any remuneration.

21. The association of Hole in One will be free from any liability in the event that damages or losses caused directly or indirectly by an act or an omission of partner clubs or a person acting on behalf of the partners.

22. The Hole in One association reserves the right at any time to make changes to their general conditions.

23. Acquiring the pass hole in one, the owner of the pass of golf accepts the current conditions without any reservation.

24. The present conditions are subject to Swiss law. The legal forum is in Sion.